About Us

Be a Guest at Your Own Event


I will make you a guest at your own event! You will be able to enjoy the planning process rather than stressing out. You will be able to enjoy your even rather that working it. I will make you a guest at your own event! I want to bring happy tears to your face as you see your dream come true. I want to see that same look of joy on your face when you walk into your event as I saw on my moms face when she created magical and beautiful events for her clients.

How I Got Here


I have watched my mom work the industry for over 10 years. I thought she was crazy because of the wacky hours she worked and how much she worked her butt off. I also watched the look on her face as she finished a job. The look of joy. She felt accomplished proud. I then understood and was also proud of everything my mom did for her clients and her business. It is because of her that I have started this business thanks to the admiration I have for her and the joy I now feel for this business.

I also bring with me an amazing work ethic and flamboyant personality. I get this from my dad. People love him as soon as they meet him with his wacky personality but then he turns around and works harder than anyone around and won't take no for an answer. 

Why I am perfect for you!


So how does this help you, the client? I have learned to work my butt off till the job is complete, to not take no for an answer so I will be determined to get you everything you want and for a better price. When others believe it can't be done, I work harder to make it happen. I will help you be able to sit back and relax so you can enjoy the process and be a guest at your own event! I will do everything in my power to ensure I make your dreams come true! To make your heart jump with excitement at the same time bring happy tears to your face as you see your dreams as a reality right in front of you.